‘Tarpenbek Kontinuum‘ Jan Schaab / Richard Chartier / Gregory Büttner
Split LP + 12 prints, edition of 300, white vinyl in transparent sleeve
released by Materialverlag HfbK, 2015

One side: Gregory Büttner 'Ohne T.'
Other side: Richard Chartier '(static)forms'

12 graphics by Jan Schaab
based on 12 compositions by Asmus Tietchens entitled Tarpenbek (2013)

which are based on 12 etchings by Rolf Zander entitled Tarpenbek (1975-1977)

1 composition in 12 parts by Gregory Büttner (2014)
based on the graphics in order as they appear below

1 sound piece by Richard Chartier (2014)
based on the graphics in order of their apearance.

My composition is divided in 12 one minute tracks all based on white noise. Each used one picture by Jan Schaab as a graphical score.

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